Remember Paul Edgecomb in The Green MIle?

Been thinking a lot about eulogies lately

The challenge, I suppose, is to live like Thoreau even if God grants you the longevity of Paul Edgecomb. Quite a challenge that is.

What would I say about each? They’re ALL so precious, their dramas so vivid, their journeys so alive.

The death you owe is your own, but if you live long enough, if you bury more than your share of loved ones, if you get to see more than your share of loss in this age of media overload, you’ll end up paying for more than just your own.

Because in the end, a eulogy is not just about the person who passed. It’s about the person who lives.

Pioneering Deep Climate Adaptability as a business value driver and Adaptation Ambition for faster mainstreaming. Because societies adapt only if companies do.

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