We consist of a soul and a body. It is basic human dualism. Problem is, we fell to the seduction of material science — the it-is-all-matter line of thinking — and have overlooked spiritual science.

But the science is there. The proof is abundant, like all those testimonies from completely credible people across times and cultures who ALL tell and reconfirm the same thing: that they have been told of their fate and future by some medium, like your friend in Bern.

Today, mediumship is an established discipline, in which very serious and highly credentialed folks conduct considerable investigation and confirmation. Again, do the research, and then drop this notion that what you experienced defied logic, because the only thing that defies logic is a bunch of smart people choosing to so absolutely ignore…science.

Pioneering Deep Climate Adaptability as a business value driver and Adaptation Ambition for faster mainstreaming. Because societies adapt only if companies do.

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