Hi, David, and thank you so much for this post. I was one of the early adopters in 2011, obsessed with G+ and the truly amazing community of strangers that emerged. You are so right comparing it to an old London coffeehouse, where folks famously couldn’t wait to show up to meet, precisely, perfect strangers and engage in the most intense, interesting, always mind-opening conversation, which then made for the best of friends. No more apt description can be ushered for the magic of G+.

For me, it lasted, that intensely, until Google “downgraded” (?) the network and removed some of the tie-ins I used often with the rest of the Google Universe. I bought into Twitter to some extent, Medium to some extent, Quora and LinkedIn to some extent. I discovered my family in Facebook and engaged, to some extent.

But nothing like those days in G+, when I would sit, literally, with a cup of coffee and savor the moment sc(t)rolling through my circles, arguing my case as others argued theirs, challenging and being challenged, enriching and being enriched. It is, as you say, a special culture, one not made easily for commercial purposes, though it can work mightily for brands that figure out how to tap into that unique energy.

So yes, I will hit you up, and it will no doubt be fun. I do believe I’ll reconnect with my old chaps in the coffeehouses now called Collections and Communities, though the Circles are still there, populated by folks who are still there, I now see.

Yes. I think I’ll do that.

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