This time, a little over half the people won, in a struggle that continues.

I was in the original base. Here’s what’s next post Trump.

Sustainability was my light in the ‘90s. The country’s today? You.

The grass helped. It was soft and just the right bit of moist. When it caressed between the toes, it was particularly satisfying. Looking back, I was like Richard Gere in the barefoot-on-the-grass scene in Pretty Woman. Except this was 1981. The movie came later, and Gere was reflecting on a positive transition in his life.

The only way to ensure the revolution’s success would be to impose it on the country. There was no room for the typical political bargaining that had gotten us where we were.

I was studying Latin American Affairs and knew the ways of coups and juntas. Surely we can do that here, I felt. So we hatched a plan. John would join the Navy and rise through the ranks. Max would do the same in the Air Force. Me? In the Army.

That’s when I left. To the left. In a turbulent swirl of facts and conscience, I discovered the beauty of modern, progressive liberalism and switched sides.

I have followed the evolution of conservatism since, how it led to the insurgence and intransigence of the Tea Party, the rekindling of white supremacy, and the obstructionist Party of No during the Obama administration. More recently, it has been puzzling to see 90% of Republicans stick to Donald Trump through his every moral, constitutional, legal and national-security transgression.

“Trump’s America and the post-American society that the anti-Trump coalition represents are incapable of coexisting. One will simply defeat the other. There is no room for compromise. Trump has understood this perfectly since day one.”

Incapable of coexisting. No room for compromise. Back then, that moved me. Right now, it frightens the heck out of me. Because I know how far today’s cult is willing to go. But for Trump’s psychological, narcissistic dumbness, he clearly would have won this election, and we would be on our way.

Biden’s empathy superpower will heal us. Kamala’s inclusiveness and powerful womanness will lift us. Their experience and management prowess ensure reliable competence, which will inspire us.

No matter which way the Senate goes, the White House can get much done, in alliance with friendly cities, states and companies. But why not go for more, right? So here’s to Georgia’s two Senate runoffs in January going Dem.

He is, though, unlikely to flame the blaze a free man, not if the new Attorney General does his/her job. Others will have to fill the vacuum, as surely many will.

Trump and his cohorts committed heinous, treasonous crimes and leave behind a long trail of evidence and a heck of a lot of prosecutors who want nothing more than to make the rule of law once again mean something by doing what they do best: ensuring no one is above the law and making criminals pay, a move Biden has already signaled he will allow.

Pioneering Deep Climate Adaptability as a business value driver and Adaptation Ambition for faster mainstreaming. Because societies adapt only if companies do.

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