Alexander Díaz

Nov 10, 2020

12 min read
This time, a little over half the people won, in a struggle that continues.

I was in the original base. Here’s what’s next post Trump.

Sustainability was my light in the ‘90s. The country’s today? You.

The only way to ensure the revolution’s success would be to impose it on the country. There was no room for the typical political bargaining that had gotten us where we were.

That’s when I left. To the left. In a turbulent swirl of facts and conscience, I discovered the beauty of modern, progressive liberalism and switched sides.

The reasoning that persuaded me and my Tulane friends to create a rebellious military cell has become the central driving force of the entire Republican movement.

“Trump’s America and the post-American society that the anti-Trump coalition represents are incapable of coexisting. One will simply defeat the other. There is no room for compromise. Trump has understood this perfectly since day one.”

And it wasn’t just climate change. Economic prosperity, systemic justice, freedom itself, all stem from the same seminal nexus. Humanity and a just economy are by nature inclusive and consensual and can never be imposed. A small size and role of government is not tautological, suitable in all conditions. Given a smart social contract, government can and must be sized correctly and used with efficiency to pursue the common good, which can be defined and agreed upon with participatory, constitutional, data-based means. My old conservative friends and mentors, as do today’s, got this all wrong.

This election speaks to a more fundamental nature of America, a point I made in this story right after the 2016 election and Roxane Gay made in this one last week. The wonders of our 18th century founding remain with us, but so do the devils of our 17th century past.

Biden’s empathy superpower will heal us. Kamala’s inclusiveness and powerful womanness will lift us. Their experience and management prowess ensure reliable competence, which will inspire us.

He is, though, unlikely to flame the blaze a free man, not if the new Attorney General does his/her job. Others will have to fill the vacuum, as surely many will.

So Biden’s mission is clear: pursue whatever healing, legislation, COVID resolution, economic recovery, sound foreign policy, and climate salvation he can muster, and leave the legal dramas to the DOJ, with Congress doing its thing on both fronts (policy and law). Indeed, Adam Schiff says he’s been readying a slate of reforms to make sure Trump’s most egregious constitutional and national-security incursions are never successful again.