And we certainly don’t want that to happen, do we.

In a single week, the entire story

We simply must pivot to climate adaptation. NOW. No choice. Jump in!

It is also the latest reminder of why our attention must now turn with the utmost urgency to prepare for the post-1.5C economy and society we will have, scientists say starting in the 2030s, by embracing deep resilience and engaging in the exciting Climate Adaptation Economy.

Several other articles last week point us in the same direction. This one from Monday in the New York Times, citing compelling new evidence, says carbon concentrations in the atmosphere are rising even as emissions on the ground are stabilizing. It appears such carbon absorbers as forests and oceans, so wonderful at keeping huge amounts of carbon from spewing upwards, may have reached their absorption limit, forcing us to decarbonize exponentially more than the miracle levels called for by Mission 2020.

Society- and business-altering climate change, therefore, is locked in. As I said in this November 2015 analysis, a month before Paris, companies, governments and families must plan for what is most likely, not for miracles totally unlikely. And today, that means complementing our mitigation efforts with a relentless focus on adaptation and resilience.

Not that we can or should pull back on or slow mitigation. At all. I always accompany the call for more urgent adaptation, most recently two weeks ago in this column, with an equally emphatic one to proceed and even accelerate decarbonization without pause. It is the only way we’ll keep safely within 3.5C, and that alone is a life-saving mission.

Pioneering Deep Climate Adaptability as a business value driver and Adaptation Ambition for faster mainstreaming. Because societies adapt only if companies do.