Paris at dawn, courtesy of Yandiel

It’s morning after, December 12


That, my friends, is the only smart, visionary AND humane thing for a company to do. Good for business. Good for people. ANY strategy that still assumes we will remain an under-2C growth global economy is beyond ostrich thinking. That is the change Paris will bring.


But know with the highest confidence that in a 2C-4C economy, the solutions that will sell most will be yours. Will be these. And should the miracle happen and we fall short of 2C, the rush to mitigate will nonetheless create a wave you will want to ride.




In a 2C-4C world, we can’t afford them, YOU, staying small. You have to scale, even if within your own city, and you have to scale urgently. You really do have to start right away, to set up and brand yourself accordingly — deploy today’s digital tools, drive customers into your loyalty loop.

Let none wake despondent; one way or another we have talked plainly, tested ourselves, weighed up the sum of our knowing, checked the balance sheet of risk and fearlessness, of wisdom and folly.

We aim for the common weal, a hand stretched out in ready hospitality. It’s those unseen things that bind us. There are dragons to slay whatever happens: poverty, false pride, sectarian schisms still hovering. But there’s nothing broken that’s not repairable.

We’re a culture that imparts, inspires, demands a rare devotion; that each should work and play our several parts to bring about the best in Scotland, an open heart.

Pioneering Deep Climate Adaptability as a business value driver and Adaptation Ambition for faster mainstreaming. Because societies adapt only if companies do.

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