Sean, thank you for this article. Great work, and it’s great discovering you here. I put in a couple of notes differing on some points, but the main point you make is irrefutable. As a journalist and content creator, I agree. Journalism has been subverted, and society is paying a big price.

That’s why I so admire news outlets like and the way they make money with branded and sponsored content and events, through their well-run content studio/agency, but do so with the most rigorous quality standards in the business. Truly a model to follow precisely because it allows serious journalism to prevail profitably, since the client is taught to realize that he/she wins ONLY if all content in the publication is credible and serious, including the client’s.

With the right dose of vision and discipline, it can be done.

Pioneering Deep Climate Adaptability as a business value driver and Adaptation Ambition for faster mainstreaming. Because societies adapt only if companies do.